Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have moved to

Monday, December 29, 2008

Temasek :))

I'll be leaving for Singapore tomorrow morning to celebrate New Years!
Come back in a few days for updates!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! advance :)

I'll be back on the 1st hopefully, to celebrate New Years with Shane. Oh how much I'm missing him now, he's also on holiday with his family somewhere up north. I can't stand as he brags about all the good food he's having like seafood barbeque at the beach! && some kind of lounge area where there is live music and shisha.

I don't think I'll be loosing out on discovering good food in S'pore because I'm definite that uncle Jovan will not fail us when it comes to food!

Anyways, have a good new year celebration loves..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmasss '08


This Christmas was more laid back.. No partying and not much drinking, no rushing performances or big events at church. Just a little caroling and a whole lot of indulging in very sinful food!

I. NEED. to. exercise :( Getting chubbier by the second!

I've had like THREE Christmas dinner this year.. Turkey, stuffing, pasta, salads, steak, chicken, duck, fish... how to not be fat, you tell me?

Everyone came home for Christmas. Pam, Mich and Kel flew in from Aussieland along with my aunt and uncle form S'pore ::) We went to Maria's, Damansara Perdana on the 25th for some mouth watering Wagyu Beef no.5 grilled to perfection! I'm salivating as I'm writing this :p

... then it was time to open our presents! Needless to say, I got many pretty things! When I have the photos, I might post it up (if i'm not too lazy that is)

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


haven't you noticed that I'm not okay

...even when I say I am.

haven't you noticed that I can't live a day without you

haven't you noticed that all I want is to hold your hand

haven't you noticed that I was crying

...while I was on the phone with you.

haven't you noticed that I just want you stay with me for a little while longer.

haven't you noticed that you were the reason

...I can't fall asleep at night.

haven't you noticed that I am sad know that you'll be away again.

haven't you noticed how long has it been

...since you kissed me

haven't you noticed?

Friday, December 12, 2008


The boys were definitely in for a treat when Nicola and I finally persuaded them to watch Twilight even when the boys had plans to psycho us to watch something more... exciting and dangerous like Transporter 3 but no.. We just knew we HAD to watch Twilight. Mainly because Robert Pattinson is in it and I have a thing for vampires. mhmm :)

This movie made me think like they are in some cheesy Bollywood movie. Then again, Bollywood movies are ALWAYS cheesy. This movie is what it is because they are always on trees! hee

But I came out of the theaters feeling all lovey dovey and romantic. I liked it very much, surprisingly my baby does too! And Robert Pattinson is so pretty, so pale, so shiny?
You'll get what I mean after watching the moviee!

Now, I'm all about getting the books!

Baby's 20th Beeday! :)

It was on the 9th this month. His friends and I gave him a surprise at Ampang Hill. I was never to celebrate with him that night but his buddies hid me from him until all of us got there and sayang had the shock of his life! We arrived at Ampang Hill at about 11 ish and had dinner with the whole KL behind us!

what baby got from his friends :)

his supposedly birthday cake/doughnut :p

what i got for him :))



Kit && Nicola

and then we climbed up to this tower...

sayaaang, I hope you had an awesome birthdayy :)) I love you long time!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bowling Tournament

Long long time ago, the student council organized a bowling tournament held at One Utama. I totally forgot the date but it's gotta be like a month ago? Why am I only posting it now?

Procrastination is my middle name :) Therefore, if you're still visiting my blog, I love you!

the committee!


team Sixty-9 that won 2nd place :))


badawi, shanks, jesse && jun

team anggun (lecturers)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

lala ihatehistory

I have not been posting because I am extremely busy.

So, I shall make a super quick update!

About a week ago, I went to Penang for my cousin, Lee May's wedding.. I was one of those girls who was supposed to follow her around, hold her bouquet, hold up her train and keep her angpaus :) It was a rather traditional Chinese wedding with all the prayers and burning of incenses. I, for one was excited about the food I'll be eating when I got there.. my favourite, fried oysters. I can never get good ones here in KL.

After coming home from Penang, I began writing my Psychology paper which was also my last assignment of the Semester before my exams.

Now, I just sat for my English paper and it was rather easy... one down, 4 more to go. The 4 worst ones :S

1. Marketing Communication Research
2. Marketing Management
3. Fcuking Pengajian Malaysia
4. Psychology


Next up is Pengajian Malaysia. Don't get me started on why the hell do we still have to study about the freaking Malaysian history. it's so stupid.

oooookay, wish me luck :(

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pangkor Team Building Trip

Oh my, this is like a super duper late post on the Pangkor Trip on the 10th to the 13th :)

I have to say it was really fun, being so close to the beach and all. We've all got groups, so below is a photo of my group members...

Joe, Me, ShyTeng, Shing & Alwi

Mein && Mich on the rocks :)

I know you're wondering what in the world I'm doing.
It's called the "put-the-carrot-tied-to- your-butt-into-the-bottle" game.
not easy.

Mich, ShwuMeei, Me && Felicia at the beach late at night..
the lighting's cool, no?

Kenneth, Chloe-kichimiow, Felicia, Me, Bel && Mich

the awesome team :)) semangat SC

the whole bunch

last stop at the temple before going back to KL


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello hello!

I finally have time to blog...I'm currently at Fel's place chilling out, having a bowl of cereal :) She's got good cereal yo. We just got back from Bangsar, Starbucks along with the boyfriends and his friends. Supposedly, the girls and I have plans tonight but I'm running along home, ditching movie night because my mom thinks it isn't safe to go out till late at night anymore. Also because my aunt's place got broke into by those little bastards and the family's getting a lil paranoid about the whole thing. I can only thank God everyone's safe :)

Those aside, I have yet to tell you what I did on my birthday! which was ages ago, on the 10th. I hate you, if you have forgotten about my birthday. heee I actually went to Pangkor on that very day, with the whole of Student Council... I had heaps of fun except the fact that I missed the boyfriend like maaad. I shall blog about my Pangkor trip laterrr. So right, when I got back from Pangkor Island, the boyfriend took me to The Ship to have a wunnderfull and romantic dinner, celebrating my bday and our 9 months together :) slurp. unfortunately, we did not take any pictures, that way.. I just saved you from all the mushyloveydovey pictures haa.

till the next time :)